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Luxurious homes with the best views in Pärnu’s new marina

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New city heart and luxurious apartments

There is something special about Pärnu that always invites to revisit it. The river, the sea, the beach—and the new heart of Pärnu soon enough. The Old Harbour Quarter will become the new focal point of Pärnu, where the new marina, cafes, and a promenade will welcome you in addition to new apartments. Here, you can take your time to get some rest. Enjoy your luxurious home, the river view, and the best sunsets of Pärnu. You can access the sea along the river. The new marina, where you can park your yacht, will be right next to the new homes. Just like it is inherent to a European port city and resort.

The Old Harbour Quarter boast luxurious architecture and design. Let’s reopen the historic riverside area of Pärnu. The new city heart is car-free. Parking is taken underground. In all its modernity, the Old Harbour Quarter embodies the history of the location—the scent of the era of wooden ships in the old location of the old harbour of Pärnu. The motive of a ship can be noticed everywhere. It has been used in the design of buildings as well as in public space planning, landscaping and paving.

Everlasting quality and feeling

Your heart recognizes the right home for you with just a blink of an eye. That feeling will last and is awakened again, every time you reach your home port and open the door to your home. In the recognition of your home, extra comforts, the neighbourhood, and the views from the window play their role besides the interior decoration of the apartment. The design of the Old Harbour Quarter is meant for a modern person, who appreciates long-lasting materials, a wholesome living environment, and the close proximity of vital services, cafes, and functions in addition to a luxurious interior.

A total of 3 houses will be built in the Old Harbour Quarter. The riverside area of the Quarter will be a modern and functional car-free urban space, with a clicker market area for future events, a promenade, a marina, playgrounds, and cafés. The cityside streetscape, landscaping, and buildings of the quarter will blend in with the surrounding bastion zone. Car traffic will be directed via Kalda Street, from where residents will be able to drive directly to the underground car park below the quarter.

Apartments in the Old Harbour Quarter have 1-5 rooms. The most exclusive apartments are located on the river and land side and offer unique views of the Pärnu River, the new marina and sunset, and the historic bastion area of Pärnu.

Exclusive location in the marina at the mouth of the River Pärnu

The Old Harbour Quarter is located at the mouth of the Pärnu River, right next to the bridge leading to the city centre. Historically, it was the site of Pärnu’s commercial harbour, which has now moved away from the city centre. This has created the conditions for a new heart of Pärnu to be created here.

The Old Harbour Quarter connects the Pärnu River, the sea and the city centre, and opens up the riverside space to all residents and visitors of Pärnu. The area of the Quarter is bounded by the Central City Bridge, the Pärnu River, the Moat (Vallikraav), and the embankments of Valli Park and the old bastion.

Thanks to the Old Harbour Quarter’s exclusive location in the heart of Pärnu, everything you need is just a stone’s throw away. Pärnu spas, the Endla Theatre, the Concert Hall, shopping malls, the Old City, restaurants, cafes, Pärnu beach, and the bus station are all nearby. A new marina will be built next to the Old Harbour Quarter. A new and magnificent riverside promenade will be created together with the Quarter.

Building information of the Old Harbour

The developer of the Old Harbour Quarter is Vanasadama Arenduse OÜ. The builder is an experienced company—Vilcon Ehitus.

The first building of the Old Harbour Quarter at Kalda 4 will be completed in summer 2024. In total, Kalda 4 will have more than 60 apartments, guest apartments, and commercial spaces. The building will be 5 storeys high, designed in two volumes and will have three staircases with lifts. There is also convenient lift access to the underground car park. The ground floor guest apartments and the commercial spaces have a direct access from street level. There is a common storage room for trolleys and bicycles. In addition, a parking space and a storage room can be purchased with an apartment.

Residential and commercial building Kalda 4:

  • 1-5 room apartments with the surface area of 39 m² – 131 m²
  • Guest apartments with the surface area of 20 m² – 52 m²
  • Modern architecture
  • Luxurious interior design
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Balconies (4-14 m²) or balconettes
  • Water floor heating (district heating)
  • Apartment-based heat recovery ventilation and cooling
  • Energy class B
  • 3 elevators
  • Storage spaces
  • Underground car park
  • Completed at the end of 2024


Arhitekt Must

Ott Alver, Mari Rass, Alvin Järving

Pärnu’s Old Harbour is designed by Arhitekt Must, one of the most renowned ensembles in the Estonian architectural scene. The work of Arhitekt Must is characterised by an integrally designed environment—architecture that is polished down to the smallest details, and clear shapes that speak for themselves.

The Old Harbour Quarter is designed as an integral environment along the riverside promenade, inspired by the atmosphere of Europe’s old port cities. The central keyword of the Quarter is the opening onto the river and the port theme.

The promenade’s opening onto the water is highlighted by the ship shapes that subdivide the promenade, pavement patterns inspired by the geometry of nautical charts, and streetlights designed as ship masts. The acute-angled buildings open up passageways through the Quarter and create a beautiful silhouette along the river.

Slim buildings are structured vertically and volumetrically, with each part of the building accentuated by a different brick material. Building elements, façade distributions, and balconies above the street space create variety.


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