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The Old Harbour Quarter Architectural Competition Was Won by Architectural Bureau Must

September 1, 2022

The modern and versatile Old Harbour Quarter will soon be built next to Pärnu’s Central City Bridge, its architectural competition having been won by Architectural Bureau Must.

The Old Harbour Quarter is inspired by European port cities and the location of Pärnu’s old commercial harbour. The public space of the new quarter is inspired by the atmosphere of the old wooden harbours and the maritime atmosphere. The ship motif can be seen everywhere. It is used both in the elements of the promenade and in the streetlights, which are designed as ship masts.

The Old Harbour Quarter consists of a waterfront area and a land side. The pavement pattern on the water side is designed using the geometry of old astro-navigation nautical charts. The landward side of the quarter boasts an urban design, in contrast to the water, blending in with the surrounding bastion zone.

Apartments, commercial premises, a new marina, restaurants, cafes and a promenade are planned to be built in the Old Harbour Quarter. Residential spaces will be built on the 2nd to 5th floors above the street space to leave room for a wide river promenade in front of the 1st floor commercial spaces. The volumetric rhythm of the upper floors of the buildings creates an alternating streetscape—dividing the large buildings into smaller human-friendly units.

The houses are set at an angle to the river, so that the rhythm of the buildings is alternating and compact. Each part of the building is accentuated by a different brick material. The brick materials highlight Pärnu as a historical brick-producing region, where the use of bricks began in the 14th century. The facades are alternating, being divided by brick surfaces with vertical and horizontal divisions of stainless steel.

Read more about the winning project

Take a look at the first house of the Old Harbour Quarter


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